The initiative is providing U16 clubs, schools and youth organisations in England and Wales with free football kit and equipment, with priority being given to those that come from areas that are deemed to be in most need of assistance.

The Premier League Players Kit Scheme originated at a meeting between the Premier League, delegates from the Professional Footballers' Association (PFA) and players from all top-flight clubs. The squads of all 20 clubs have donated £25,000, ensuring the big pot of £500,000.

There were nearly 2,000 application enquiries during the first phase of the application process and over 350 teams have been successful in their application. The Premier League and the PFA are now in the process of distributing that kit.

big smile

To celebrate the beginning of the second phase the Premier League is having players from every team donate a set of kits to a club local to them. Aston Villa's Gabriel Agbonlahor is the latest to help out - and even threw in four pairs of his football boots for good measure.

Agbonlahor handed over the kits to members of Continental Star at Villa's training ground of Bodymoor Heath. His brother used to play for the team so it's a side close to his heart. And he went a step further than most by handing over several pairs of his awesome boots, much to the amazement of the kids on hand.

He said: "It's fantastic to be involved in this campaign. It means a lot to the kids to receive kit. Even for the youngsters to come along to Bodymoor Heath is a big thing. That's massive. They looked so excited and that was fantastic to see. To see them go home with a big smile on their faces and new kit was tremendous.

"Hopefully a little of that Premier League magic will rub off on those pulling on the shirts and we'll see a few of them pulling on a real Premier League jersey in the not-too-distant future. But the biggest thing is having the opportunity to get out and have fun playing football."

important scheme

Lincoln Moses, who runs Continental Star, added: "This scheme is an absolutely brilliant idea. It means that the young people in the U13s team will have their first brand new kit in four years. They've had to play in hand-me-down kit before, but now they have something totally new. It's great.

"We're the longest-running inner-city football team in England, we've been going for 26 years. Gabby's a local lad so he must have known us. I think this scheme is brilliant and I think there should be more people taking notice of it."

Premier League Chief Executive, Richard Scudamore, continued: "The PFA and the Premier League players are to be congratulated for developing this important scheme as a league-wide initiative.

"Our players are the guys who put on the show all the way through the season but they are also very aware of the role their clubs play at the heart of their communities to positively change lives for the better. This new scheme will undoubtedly help where it counts."

PFA chief executive, Gordon Taylor, added: "Our members do much more than entertain fans on the pitch and I'm proud of the fact that players donate so much to charitable causes.

"This is a new initiative for our players to be involved in but it is one I hope will encourage more tens of thousands of young people to participate and enjoy football."

Click here to apply for the Premier League Players' Kit Scheme.